Find a menu entry in the navigation pane (pain)

I have that problem again:
In a heavily modified NAV 5 implementation I am able to identify existing created customer specific forms (or other objects) in the object designer that would cover the actual business need. I am not able to identfy if they are somewhere used in the also heavily modified navigation pane (in one of the menu suite objects), away from manually clicking through all menus. Has someone a solution for this?

Hi Joerg,

Export the Menusuite object to text and search through the text file.

This is not the solution: It just tells you that it is in the menu suite, but no hint where you would be able to find it in the navigation pane…

One example:

{ MenuItem ;[{01516CA1-2EE4-4CAA-8BF9-26EFDA8A505C}] ;Name=Warehouse Location;
CaptionML=ENU=Warehouse Location;
NextNodeID=[{35BBACDA-4220-4922-B40A-6941AAF76EE0}] }

Hi Joerg

Have a look at the MenuSuite Analyser download below - I think it’s what you need

I took a look at the tool and, indeed, it could be the tool needed. But unfortunately the tool is not working for me. The topic on MIBUSO refers to some errors that I assumed should be fixed with version 1.03. But I am getting two of the there mentioned errors: