Financials Replication

Does anyone have experience of database replication within Navision Financials 2.6 using the propriety Database. I am looking at using “Live Vaults” replication software to create a Live copy of the database. Will it work - will I have to upgrade to SQL - I cannot get someone to confirm if it works or not.

If you use the same path to database as on the serverside, there is no problem in simply copying. If your database is splitted then the path’s to ALL databases must be the same as on server.

I am intending using the replication software as part of BCP and am looking for transaction replication onto another database on another server located off site.

What is BCP ? My system to replicate is a very easy way : Night by nigth the same procedure : system : Stopping Navison server ( NET STOP NAVISION ) copying to 2. computer ( copy … \computer\share) starting Navision server ( NET START NAVISION ) my filestructure : e:\database_1.fdb f:\database_2.fdb e:\database_3.fdb f:\database_4.fdb Each file has a size of 2GByte. On COMPUTER there are 2 shares called DATA1 and DATA2. The exact local Path to DATA1 and DATA2 is freely chooseble. After copying we use the subst-command on commandline : subst e: (exact path to DATA1) subst f: (exact path to DATA2) then navision can start with : fin database=e:\database_1.fdb Now the database is local usable. Some experiments shown that you can use this copied database also as database for a new Navision Server. But if you wish to do so, you may not use the subst-command !!!. then the exact path to DATA1 has to be e:\ and to DATA2 f:\ !!! We use it to have a “back-view” for the last 5 workdays, without dealing with backups.