Financial Statement Report Issue

I am having an issue with a Financial Statement Report, it is a custom report where I am trying to show the current period and YTD period. However I am getting the Current Period and YTD period values identical…I thought it may have something to do with the fiscal periods being stopped instead of closed; but this is not the case any ideas/help?

Can I presume you are using the standard period functionality? If so how have you defined the YTD and CP periods?

Both Current Period and YTD are being pulled from the same form LedgerBalanceSheet.

And yes they have been defined…(I am actually trying to resolve this issue for a co-worker; I am not that familiar with the Financial)

We maybe talking at cross purposes. I may also be looking at a UK localisation [:D]

I have a LedgerPeriodCode Table holding all of the structural definitions of commands like YTD, CP etc. This can be found in General Ledger - Setup - Periods - Date Intervals.

You may have this but you also maybe talking about designing the function into a report, to be honest it is not clear.

For me if CP and YTD were returning the same this would mean that the Date Intervals had not been defined correctly (or it was the first financial period of the year of course depending upon the YTD metric)

Yes, I have checked the Date Intervals and they appear to be correct. Funny thing is, when I run it with a quarter period (Jan - Mar) and YTD the report is correct. When I run the CP (June) and YTD the report is duplicating the YTD totals.

Could the issue lie in the table itself?

The issue appears to be that the CP is actually totaling up all the periods to date; which is why the YTD and the Current Period are matching. Where could this issue be resolved; is it in the Periods table…that appears to be in order. Not really sure why the Current Period would be totaling up Jan-June???

Can you paste an image of the CP settings or tell us the settings defined - it would seem they are wrong.