Financial functions

Does anybody have a codeunit with some functions for performing financial calculations, like PMT, PV, FV etc.

Anyone done this in a Navision codeunit, or maybe an external OCX. If you could post the specs for the functions it should’nt be hard to create. Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG

Hi I think we can done this through Excel Automation.There are some topics already have excel automations descriptions. Please refer it. There is method in Excel Application called WorkSheetFunction. We can access all functions of excel through this method. Regards Joseph Mathew Edited by - joseph_mathew on 2001 Apr 27 11:47:33

Well there’s an OCX which does that, it’s called finsamp.ocx And the good news that it’s available for free :wink: By guess who ? Courtesy of Navision AS :slight_smile: Check the COCX folder on your Navision CD, the OCX, help file and even Microsoft Visual C++ source code are all there :wink: Obviously you will need to have the C/OCX granule as part of your licence if you want to call the OCX from Navision. The Following Functions available via the OCX interface are : Simple Annuity Functions CTERM PV PMT FV RATE TERM Advanced Annuity Functions PVAL FVAL PAYMT NPER IRATE IPAYMT PPAYMT Depreciation Function SLN DDB SYD Edited by - Tarek Demiati on 2001 Apr 28 08:40:33

in Excel: =PMT(Rate;nPer;PV) in Navision: rr := (POWER((1 + Rate),nPer)); PMT :=PV * (Rate * rr) / (rr - 1)); Arve

Have a look at Navision’s Toolbox 1/2001 by Octocon. You’ll find it there… – Alfonso Pertierra Spain

Check Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG