Financial dimensions on procurement categories

Hello All,

In AX2012 in the Procurement and Sourcing module you can setup categories which can be used in PO’s PR’s and vendor invoices. I want to use those categories but I’m missing the possibilities to setup a default dimension on a categorie.

Is it possible to attach a dimension to a category? or do I need to setup an Item instead of a category when I need to use dimensions?

Anybody any idea if it is possible to attach a default dimension to categories?

I’m trying to find an answer on the question in what situations it is good to use categories in purchase orders and in what situation it is better to use a service item in purchase orders.

Considarations in those:

Is it possible to attach dimension on categories by default, just like it is possible by items. (my original question)

Is there a difference in the way how to authorize the “delivery” of services for invoice matching purposes? (i’m struggling to find a way for the authorization of service receipts in a Purchase order. The only solution I can find is posting a packingslip, but I think there should be a better way for authorization of receipt of services)

What I like a lot about the categories is that it is very easy to make hierarchical order in categories. Service items are a flat list without hierarchy.

Any help / suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:


What was the outcome and did you find how to setup dimensions on procurment categories ?

Many thanks for your information.

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