Financial Dimension in Transfer Order

Hi All,

I am creating income statement business unit wise. So in AX 2012, I have created business unit as dimension and attach the same with sites and warehouses.

Now when I create a transfer order, financial dimension (Business Unit) attached with the site of ‘From Warehouse’ comes automatically. That is perfect.

But when I proceed further to receive the material in ‘to warehouse’ then financial dimension value of the site attached with ‘to warehouse’ should come which is currently not coming and putting by default value.!

Kindly help in this issue.



Hi Jainal ,

Can you guide me how to attach the financial dimensions to transfer order ?


In Indian version of AX 2012 there are 2 types in “Transfer Type” . Transfer Order and Stock Transfer.

When you select “Stock Transfer” then on the line level you will find two more tabs which are Financial Dimension and Tax Information.

In the Financial Dimension tab you can attach dimensions which are already activated with Account Structure.



a) What is the difference between Transfer order and Stock transfer ?

b) when we have the option to enter the dimensions in the stock transfer then again why we need to attach the dimensions to Site or Warehouse ?

c) Does MS has released any AX 2012 IN localized manuals ?

Thanks in advance.


When you need the taxation in transfer of inventory then ‘Stock transfer’ is must.

Transfer order option dont have taxation implications.


There is difference between Dimension and Financial Dimension.

Dimension that you are talking about is inventory dimension which are tracking/Storage dimension of an item.


Not exactly sure for Indian Location manuals from MS for AX 2012 but there is not much change in AX 2009 and AX 2012 as far as Indian localisation is concern.

And Also from different sites you can read them.

My basic question is how can I attach the financial dimension while receiving materials at ‘to warehouse’.?!

Can any one help in that or do I go for customization.?!



Thanks Jainal ,

I agree with that inventory dimensions and Financial dimensions are different . But i am talking about the Financial dimensions , why we need to attach these to sites when we have option to select the Financial dimensions in stock journal ?

Because I need Business Unit wise financial statements. (BS and P&L)

And for that I have created BU as Financial Dimension, so I need to attach the same.

Hi Jainal

As you got the above issue in the transfer order on 19th February 2013.

What solution you get regarding this. So, can you kindly the solution with me.

Currently. in the transfer order(Stock transfer) the financial dimension of “From warehouse” is coming in the “Shipment Voucher” which is correct also.

but when we do “receive” then at that time in the “receive voucher” the financial dimension of “to warehouse” should flow in the “receive voucher” but instead of that the financial dimension of “from warehouse” is flowing.

So,can you kindly suggest the solution as i think the same problem you got earlier.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Rajesh,

Customisation was the solution in this case.
We did customisation and in “receive” tab get financial dimension of warehouse which is receiving the material.


It would be very kind to you if you can share the customization with us.As we are getting lot of trouble.

Either i can also call you also if you can share the number otherwise share the customization please.

Eagerly waiting for the response.

No reply…kindly provide the customization solution atleast

If you need help for this contact @


Yogendra Tyagi