Finance module & certification

Hey guys,

I have a doubt regarding AX Finance module. Right now, i m working as ax functional consultant in “trade and logistics” module mainly. I am from engineering background. I wants to work in finance module and wants to do certification of finance also.

Can anybody tell me whats are requirements or prerequisites for finance module & certification? , and please also let me material for the same.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You can find information about Microsoft certifications on Microsoft Learning page. Here is the direct link to Exam MB6-871 (Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Financials).


May I suggest, prior to undertaking the official certification suggested by Martin, who is as usual right by the way, you do a ‘Basic Accounting Course’ or at least flip through a Basic Accounting book that introduces you to accounting concepts, definitions and terms. No specific author, just a book titled so. Tried & tested with 2 other candidates who switched over to the functional side from an IT / Networking & CRM background & they found it so much easier to do the finance certification with prior understanding of concepts like Dunning letter, LOC, Allocation purpose etc. (About 5 days study for them) Of course you have a head start having worked on Trade & Logistics and I presume for somebody with an Engineering background, an accounting course should be fairly quick to complete. Anyway, to quote Adam, one of our top contributors, ‘Any fool can know, the point is to understand’ and a quick course will go a long way to becoming a ‘smart’ finance consultant…

Hi prometheus,

As you said, basic accounting book need for understanding of accounting, can u plz suggest any book.

And plz let me know sources for concepts like Dunning letter, LOC, Allocation purpose etc.

Hello Martin

May I ask for your guidance-

I am working as a finance manager in the Middle East and I would like to have End User training and certification on MS Dynamics AX Financials (2012 or any other latest version). Due to work and family committments, I dont want to attend any regular classes so I am more comfortable in online training.

Can you advise some good institutes which provide online training and which are authorized by Microsoft? I need longer duration access to the system to have in-depth training and practical exposure.

About certification- is it really tough to have the certification? How can I have the course content? How is exam format and how much is the passing score.

Looking forward to your reply



Vijay, I’m not the right person to ask such questions.


Walk into any book store in Mumbai and ask for “Basic Accounting” books. Any book should suffice. But if you really need authors I can suggest Basic Accounting by Michael A Calendar or one by Sofat Rajni & Hiro Preeti. Or if you have heard of AAT course their books on Basic Accounting are also good. You are not doing an exam on Accounting so please don’t try to memorize everything but just skim through.

Most of these definitions are included WITHIN the book and those which are not you can easily pick up based on the groundwork you have already done. Good Luck.

Hi Vic,

I know the question was not directed to me but I can give my two pennies worth. I am an Economics graduate and a Chartered Accountant myself now working as an AX Functional Consultant.

For me the transition was not difficult at all. Mind you,

i) I have been working as an end-user of Financial systems (SAP / PeopleSoft / AX) etc since I started working 9 years ago; posting journals, running TB, doing BS Recs etc so I was not systems-shy.

ii) Always been considered an ‘above average’ worker. If you genuinely understand the BUSINESS PROCESS FLOWS for example, what we do & why we do, you will have no problems understanding the End User & Functional aspects of AX. Most of my AX learning consisted of “Ok, this is where you setup Ledger Accounts”, “Here is how you configure tax codes”, “This is how to check the double entry” etc

I cant help you with the institutes but I heard reputed institutes / microsoft partners in India charge around Rs 20k for online training with manuals / access to AX for a period of time. A couple of my friends have tried the route and feel its worth the time & money. Not sure of your nationality but use can use this as a benchmark

Most importantly, see the link Martin has provided, to understand course content and exam type

Also, I haven’t heard of anybody getting the manuals / course content “just from the internet”. The only legitimate route, I am aware, is via a partner source. I…e Your training company can give you if you join or if your company in Dubai are a customer of AX, they can access training materials from Microsoft’s website. Speak to your office guy who is in contact with the Microsoft Business Partner for access. Good Luck


thnaks for ur rply.

I wanted to ask one more thing. In “Basic accounting” , will I get details of taxes.

Because I got to know, that for working as ax finance consultant, knowledge of taxes also required. Right now, I dont have any idea of regarding taxes.

Hi Purnajay,

A good ‘basic accounting’ book will most definitely talk about CST / VAT (Input VAT & Output VAT) & Corporation Tax, at least. The examples illustrated might be basic but you will understand the principles of WHY and WHERE these taxes are applied.

I personally would not recommend picking up any additional book on tax. There is a reason why we all hate tax. Gets too complicated too quickly.

What you learn in a basic accounting book would be enough to help you with AX Finance Module setup 75%+, in my estimation. I.e. you understand the concepts and there are so many answered questions in this forum to help you with the ACTUAL CONFIGURATION which you can now do with confidence. The remaining 25% are ADDITIONAL bits about tax that you will encounter during AX setup (like WITHHOLDING TAX), the concept of which you can understand very quickly if you know the basics of CST / VAT and Corporation Tax.

I suggest, if you have a friend who has done Finance, get him to spare 1/2 a day to discuss tax topics. That should really help.

Good Luck.

Dear All!

I just want to say Hello to everyone … Furthermore, I want to know any sort of books or reading material related to Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 . I am a functional consultant having Finance Background. So it would be very helpful for me that if anyone guide me or post any link from where I can download the stuff…


Hi Prometheus,

Could you post the names of a few of these reputed institutes / microsoft partners? It will be beneficial to folks who are interested in taking that route. I googled for such institutes prior to posting this request; however, it’s not possible to say who is genuine and who isn’t. That is the reason why I’ve requested you.

Thank You.