Filter's on automatic posting with NAS services

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I want to set up an automatic validation (posting) of accounting journals or PO from another company, using the NAS service. Question: Is it possible to set a filter to accept (validate, post) only one type of journal, or a particular type of PO?

If Yes, could you send me please, an example of code.

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Which version of Nav you are using ?

What you have tried to achieve above requirement ?


NAV 2013, web and RTC version’s, with SQL 2012 and Server 2012.

I have several companies on the same database, and I write directly on some tables (17, 36, 37, …), one society to another (change company). I will wish for each company, launch an automatic posting process for the written data between companies …



You can write a report by using changecompany function and schedule it via NAS…


This part is already correct, but my problem is not writing but posting.

For exemple :

  • i write a PO from company A to company B with changecompany function.

  • i want posting this PO in automatique function, in the company B, and use the NAS capabilities for this. But in the NAS company B, i want put a filter for posting only the PO from company A

It’s possible?

thanks by advance


Yes it is possible.

You need to call the code unit 90 for posting in your function or program.

But again if there any validation which is not fulfilled by uploaded PO then user need to post in manually.

the goal, the challenge is : posting not manually but in automatic in the other company.

I am in the company A, i write a Po in the company B.

In the company B, this PO must ne posting automatickly. (with a scheduler for example)


Yes you can do that…

good news,

Could you send me please, an example of code?



Look at this link

This might help you.

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and to take advantage of your strong knowledge and skills,

can you imagine the same thing if instead of a single server, I had 2 or 3 (remote sites).

I write directly on a company (change server and company), but on another server (Windows 2012, sql 2012, nav2013) !!!.

“These in mind to meet a competing solutions like Sage X3 or OpenERP.”

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