Filters in matrix forms

Hi! This may be a stupid question but i just cant seem to solve a problem i am having with matrix forms[:(!]. The problem i have is as follows. In version 3.60. I have created a matrix form where the form is based on Job and the actual matrix is based on the Resource table. I have done this to allow me to analyse jobs against resources. I have then created a number of filters to allow me to filter by date, customer no. etc but i am having real problems when i come to filter on fields in the job table. I can get so far by inserting code into a function which sets filters for the various options of the field i am filtering on but when the form runs it doesn’t really work properly. Could anyone suggest how they would go about doing this? the way i am trying to do it seems to work ok in version 2.5? Can anyone help me?

Can you explain more detailed what exactly is working wrong with these filters [?]


Originally posted by Arthur
Can you explain more detailed what exactly is working wrong with these filters [?]

Yes, give us some more input. If you copied the form from a Navision standard, I suggest you export is as text and check if you are mist some code that should have been modified. If I created a new form, export an existing matrix form to check if you forgot some code somewhere.

Thanks for your offers of help guys, but I have managed to sort the problem out this morning. Some of the properties i had set were conflicting with other areas of the form and causing the filters to behave very strangely. Still not entirely sure why but the form is working well now [;)]. Thanks again John

Glad to help [:D]