Filters in a query


When creating a query, how do you select an or filter.

For example, I want to list all “No.” fields from the table “Item”, where one of either two boolean fields is yes.

Would anyone know how I go about this?



Hey James,

IF you will open the Property of the DataItem in Query you will find a property named DataItemTableFilter, here you can give a filter either a constant value or a Filter value.


I understand this ( I think). However I don’t think it resolves my question. On our item table, we have two fields that are called catalogue item and website item. I wanted to run a query where either one of these boxes is ticked.

If i use the above and set them to TRUE wont it just bring up all that are both ticked.



Just a little question from someone who never have used Queries in NAV my self.
Personally I never had the requirement. So I’m curious why you need to use a query to do this.

In Navision you cannot use “OR” filter on two column.
Only way if you want to filter “OR” in two column is with C/AL Code, but this not work for query because queries have not C/AL code.

One way is to set fields as filter on query, then on C/Al you have to loop query(Query variable) like record(Recor variable) and you can check if record meet your requests.