Filters do not stay anymore

Hi, since we switched to XP, we’ve got the inverse problem with filters that many people have: it’s not that they are saved, and you forget you filtered, but Navision now does not remember filters - if I set a filter e.g. on the item list, go to a item card and then go back to the item list, the filter is not there any more. We switched from NT and 2.60 to XP and 3.7., and filters do not work in both anymore. Afaik, filters are saved in the .zup file, and that is located on a network drive the user has full access rights to. Or are there additional permissions on the local drive needed to save the filters? Regards, Stephan

Hi Stephan, The example you mention is not an XP issue. It’s standard Navision behaviour. You have to put a filter on the item card. The item list takes its filters from the card. Willy

correct willy, and in fact this can be shown as far back as version 0.9 of financials. I find that a lot of end users report this issue, and I have to say that in EVERY case it was because of a lack of or quality of training. stepan, the correct procedure is to apply the filter to the card, not the list. If you follow it through, you will find it is actually quite logical, since filters from the card, always over write filters set on a list form when you press F5.

Hi Willy & David, thanks for your answers, that is really something nobody ever told us (and we have been using Navision for 3 years…). But then, nobody ever asked this question, too… But in some sense, my question still remains, because while filters work as you described on normal fields, I cannot set a filter on a “primary key” (dunno whats that called in navision), like e.g. item no.? Is this standard, too? Regards, Stephan

Stephan, yep, that’s actually “standard” too… there are a couple of lines of code behind that form each time a new record get’s loaded to perform some calculations especifically for that item. It sets a filter on the Item No. - if you had set manually a filter on Item No. before then your filter will always be replaced by the filter that is set by these lines of code. It’s a bit annoying, but can be changed with a couple of additional lines. Saludos Nils

Yes, it is a standard feature. For master tables (Customer, Item, etc.), when you are using the corresponding Card form to view the data, any filter on the primary key (No. field) will be discarded. You can use the List to filter on the primary key, but since Card filters have priority over List filters, when you close the List and open it again, your filter will be lost. Humm, can’t find a way to explain it better… is it clear or am I making it worse? [B)]

Yep, it’s standard due to the SETRANGE(“No.”) in the OnAfterGetRecord on most master table cards. See this thread for additional info:“No.”)

Thanks to all of you, this confirms once again that many things that are discovered during an update were like this before, just nobody noticed… and, sv, offtopic, but your signature is just perfect: “I said it was an upgrade. I didn’t say it was better.” I’ve been doing an NT to XP and an 2.6 to 3.7 upgrade since november, and, well, it has been one of the worst times for my private time… The problem is that the users always expect that the new system will be like the old one, and more simple for their tasks, but you can never fulfill their expectations - the new system will always be more complex, never like the old one, and, in the first months, the changes are never “simple” for them, even if they are in the long run… Umh, “Users”, couldn`t we all do without them [}:)]. So, I’m off to read the BOFH [:D]. Regards, Stephan

But this problem still remains when selecting Item or Customer from Order or Invoice lines. Filters are reset every time I open a list. Have anybody solved this without crashing Navision Standards?