Filtering Text with wild card

I am looking at the records in a table. I need to look at all records where Description does not contain the string ‘Wisconsin’. When I use Table Filter on the Description field and use Wisconsin it displays all records that contain Wisonsin as part of the Description value. But what I need is all records where Description does not contain the string ‘Wisconsin’. So I tried <>Wisconsin and this does not work. It just displays all the records. Any ideas how this can be accomplished? Thanks. Pari Somasundaram

There will be no solution wit setfilter or setrange. THe only thing you can do is something like : table.reset table.find('-') repeat if strpos(table.description,'Wisconsin') = 0 then table.mark until = 0 table.marked table.find('-') repeat // do what you want until = 0;

Hi Pari, As a last way out, you can always copy/paste the data to Excel. I don’t know how to set a filter like the one you need. Maybe someone else??? … This is not a solution, consider it a workaround…

Huhum - that’s a good one, try this: - Select All records (Ctrl+A) - Mark them all (Ctrl+F1) - Set the filter on description @Wisconsin - Mark these (Ctrl+F1) thereby removing the first Mark - From the View-menu select Marked Only Voila [8D]

Hey, nice trick, thanks

Thanks sv. Great thinking! Pari Somasundaram

Hello I have not tried it myself, but according to the document “Changes in 3.70.doc” you should be able to include <> with wildcards, but only in the SQL-version.


P12) Filters Can Include <> with Wildcards Feature When using the * wildcard operator in a filter, it has previously only been possible to find positive matches, for example, all occurrences matching ‘ea’. It is now possible to perform negative matches. For example, to find all occurrences that do not match ea, you write <>‘ea’. The <> wildcard operator can be combined with other filter operators in the normal way, for example, =‘Bear’ | <>‘ea’. This feature has been implemented This feature is only available in the SQL Server Option for Navision. Service System reference: HQ-778-979-CPTB

Yes, switch to SQL :wink:


Originally posted by robertc
Yes, switch to SQL :wink:

Well - With 3.7a Navision have finally gotten to a level where SQL is a valid OPTION [;)]