Filtering records on a form pull down from different table.

I am working on Form 201 Job Journal and on the Job No. Field when you click on it - it brings up all Jobs from table 67 even completed ones. Is there anyway to limit the jobs it brings up on the field??

Table 210 the Job Journal table from Form 201 links to table 67 the Jobs table. Somewhere either in the table design of 210 or the Form design of Form 201 I need to limit this to only open Jobs from table 67.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Make that table 167 Job table not 67.


Usually this type of change is made on the table level. Open table 210 in the table designer, put your cursor on the Job No field and open the properties page. The property that yo’re looking for is the ‘TableRelation’ property. Click the ellipsis button and modify the relationship there.

The result though is a Job Journal Line table that never links to a completed job, which might be needed in certain situations. If that’s the case, I would put some code in the validation trigger of the Job No field to display an error message when a completed job is selected, but only in certain situations.

Tnanks Daniel.

I’ll try to put some criteria in there and see what happens.