Filtering in AX with Dates and Date / Times


I’m trying to write a filter for the AX2012 case screen that shows any cases that have exceeded the service level agreement. If I was just looking at cases that are late based upon a date I could use (lessThanDate(0)) but I would like to take the filter one step further and include cases that are later than the current date / time, not just the date.

Does anyone have a clue how this might be achieved please?

Cheers Jon

You could try <(currentSessionDateTime()) assuming the SLA date is time based as well.

Thanks Adam, gave it a try but no luck…

The smart query will work on an AX date-time field I believe - which field are you filtering on and how?

The SLA date / time field in the case screen. What I’m trying to do is create a Cue or a filter for any cases that have exceeded the SLA. I’m doing the initial test by enabling the grid filter and putting the example you gave into the SLA date / time field that I added to the main list view.

Yes that one you cannot filter on because it is not a field, it is calculated on the opening of the form, looking at the status of the case and then trying to calculate the completion time to display - as it is not held on the table I do not believe you can filter upon it as the data is calculated on the form opening. A developer could confirm this for you. Reading back my notes it indicates teh one I gave you will NOT work, you can only enter in currentSessionDateTime() but that does not work in AX2012, apologies but if you speak to a developer they maybe able to help with a filter command, but not on the completion date field.