filtering a report section


my exact requirement is in sales invoice report.


when the Companyinfo.State <> Sales Invoice Header.State AND Sales Invoice Header.Form Code = ’ ’ Then show current section

So i got first condition but iam getting error in second condition .

If sales invoice header contains any form code then it should display current section

Plz help me in code only i have used showOUtput functions etc

do: if (Companyinfo.State <> Sales Invoice Header.State) AND (Sales Invoice Header.Form Code = ’ ') then …

CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT(“Sales Invoice Header”.State <> CompanyInfo.State AND “Sales Invoice Header”. Form Code =’ ') ;

But iam getting error as unknown variable Form

Also i have tried in this syntax also no use :

CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT((“Sales Invoice Header”.State <> CompanyInfo.State) AND (“Sales Invoice Header”. Form Code =’ ')) ;

Hi Joe,

i have created 2 sections in which added these 2 codes

Section 1

CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT((CompanyInfo.State <> “Sales Invoice Header”.State) AND (“Sales Invoice Header”.“Form Code” <> ’ ')) ;

Section 2

CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT((CompanyInfo.State <> “Sales Invoice Header”.State) AND (“Sales Invoice Header”.“Form Code” = ’ ')) ;

But if i give form code or not it is displaying firsr section only

Please check again. In both of them only first should not print, although there is a possibility that BOTH SECTIONS don’t print (when CompanyInfo.state= “Sales Invoice”.State )…

No raj iam not getting that logic.

Actually i wrote CST with C Form in one section and CST without C form in antother section

So this code is not working.

Raj do u have any idea abt the following

I Have three taxes to be printed in one section like :



Service Tax


So in this i dont want to print zero value entries and also i dont want any spaces in betwee them

Hi Yasho,

Raj’s logic is correct - if the states are equal, the condition evaluates to false and doesn’t print the sections. You may want to change the condition to an OR (not sure what logic you want).

To print multiple taxes in a section then you have two options:

  1. Have a integer dataitem and print the relative section

  2. Create multiple variables (three in this case) and assign as required.

May be you need to use array for this and then use COMPRESSARRAY function to avoid space in case of 0 value. Search online help for COMPRESSARRAY, or use different section and then CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT…

Oops, sorry Joe, mis-clicked your post as a possible solution and don’t know how to undo it… [:$]

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