Filteration of Item

Hi All,

I am working on Purchase order, I want to know if there is any possibilty to filter the Item in Purchase Order by User Id…

For Eg., I have 10 User in 10 Shops…One shop is selling books and One is selling Choclagtes and cake…Whenever a user in Book shop create a Purchase order…in Purchase Order line he/she can see only Books when he select Item not all the list.

Is there any possibilty??

Thanks in advance… :slight_smile:

You would need to modify the system to achieve this.

any idea how can I modify the system???

Forgive me, Adam

wouldn’t Responibility Centers help in such a situation?

YOu can use filter group

Of course no, But I’m quite certain that problem would be solved by giving to each user access the the right orders.

Dear Arnav,

Pls. give me brief information about your query.

Is the Single Purchase Order may contain the Books, Cakes, Choclagtes as ITEMs ??

If your answer is YES Then I would like to suggest you Create Separate POs for different GOODs and taking the advantages of the Responibility Centers functionality to segregate User wise.

Forgive me.If I’m wrong. [;)]

My question is…if a user “A” create a Purchase order… and in Purchase line .the Item list shud open with limited number of Items not all based on the right given to the user…

My offer is to link items and userid throgh new field in item table. Then filter Item list depending on user.
I did similar task for a customer.
If you need help contact me.