Filter string lenght

Hi, guys

I think there must be a maximum lenght for filtering strings to apply in SETFILTERs, but I cannot remember what it is. Anybody does?


see this link it may give idea

I believe it’s 250 Anna

That small? [:(]

unfortunately yes

I just managed to test a string of about 700 characters and it worked. Previously I tried 1024 and it crasched…

Years ago I worked on a number of customer issues with modifications that built filters dynamically (“LOCATION1|LOCATION2|…|LOCATIONX”) and that blew up at 250 characters. Ever since, I’ve always used the 250 guideline. Maybe it changed at some point, in a particular version. If it did I don’t know what the limit is now.

If you build up your filters into arrays, you can filter on Array[1] + Array[2] + Array[3], for I think as many characters as you want. Never really pushed the limits of it, though.

Thank you to all. [:)]

For the specific problem I was trying to solve, 700 chacters turned out to be enough. It would be nice to know the exact limit, but it seems this is one of those pieces of information that Navision keeps to itself! [:)]