filter report with send parameter from form in ax

hello all

i want to filter report ( send query to report) by sent parameter to criteria from a form like bottom image :

for example when i send account number 1000 from form to this report , show this in criteria or join in query report

plz help me to do it


your screen shot is not visible, pleas attached it once more time.



Hi ,

You can add the code to your reports fetch method.

I should add the formTableName to the comments lines.

public boolean fetch()


boolean ret;

FormTable formTableTmp; // add the formTable


if(element.args().record().TableId == tablenum(<FormTableName>)) // add the form table


formTableTmp= element.args().record(); //add the form table


this.query().dataSourceNo(1).addRange(fieldnum(CustTable,AccountNum)); //add the report table



ret = super();

return ret;


I have checked the screenshot, select Query-used option on the top and then try to select the criteria. I think that will work