Filter on Flowfield

Hello everybody,

can anybody tell me how to put a filter on flowfield.

Thanks in advance

ravi kishore

you can use calcfield function before the setfilter statement, but it is NOT advisable, as it will be slow. Filter should be on normal fiield only, as you can achive the same result if you put the filter on normal field of the related table. Check the Customer Table field Balance, the filter is on the table Detailed Cust. Ledg. Entry, instead of the table Cust. Ledger Entry, since the field Amount is a flow field.

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Need clarification. Do you want to place a filter on a flowfield? As in F7 and show only values within your range.

Or do you need to set a filter that changes the calculated value of a flowfield? That’s called a flowfilter and is another type of field in a table.