Filter on Display Method


Problem Statement -

User want filter based bill of entry status on Bill of entry screen. Currently filter option is not enable because this field is displaying through method

I have written code in context method of stringedit and getting filter based on pop menu. My code is working fine but i want normal filter as we get for all other normal field?
For example when we press CTRL+G the filter option should be enabled for display field?
Is it possible bcoz i read that we can’t enable filter on display?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to filter on display methods in AX



Hi Ankit,

This kind of functionality is not provided in AX dynamics for fields shown by display Methods.But surely you can Apply filter on display method. refer the below Link:



Hi Ankit,

i got the Same requirement and please provide the solution what you have written.

For popup,u have written code.please send the code.

thanks in advance,