Filter - negative selection possible?

Moin: We are using a report that is bases on table #21 - Cust Ledger Entry. It is no problem to set a filter for field “On Hold” like this in the request form: M … uses all records where “On Hold” is M M|N … uses all records where “On Hold” is M or N How the filter is to be set when just the opposite is desired - use all records where “On Hold” is NOT M or N? I tried <>M|N or <>M|<>N with no succes. Anybody out there who can give me a hint? Regards Alarich

Hi, what about “<>M&<>N”? br Josef Metz

little theory: Josef Metz is right - if you are reversing logical operation, you must xchange the OR with AND vice versa… De Morgan’s Theorem :slight_smile: (very helpful thing - and it is easy…)

Josef: Thank you very much - that did it. Regards Alarich