Filter in Form based on other Table

Hello I have a question about filter in a form based in a field of another table. When I open a form, I need to filter data based on a field from another table that is linked to main table of form. Form1 based on Table1. Table2 with a field (F2) linked to Table1. The way I found to do this was to create a new field on Table1 that is Flowfield and looks up to field F2 in Table2. Is this the best way? I think that the form runs slower. Thanks all

This is the way we usually do it. However, when filtering on a flowfield, the system must:

  • Calculate the values of the flowfield (takes time)
  • Apply filter on the calculated values (takes more time than filtering on a field with indexes)
    Another alternative would be copying the values of Table2 Field2 in your table one (using the proper trigger when populating the record) and build a key on this field. You would get data repetition but the performance would be better. Regards,

Thanks for your information. I’m going to make some performance tests to know what is the best way.