Filter a textbox validation??

Hi all.

I have a form, and on that form I have a textbox control. This has a table relation set in its properties to the Warehouse Employee table. When the user looks up on this field they get (as a result of code in the OnLookup of the textbox) a list of Warehouse Employees filtered for the default location of the user doing the lookup (I.e. filetered for the location of the record where “User ID” = USERID and Default = TRUE).

That’s dandy.

The problem I have is that if they enter the first letter of the name of a user from a location other than their default then obviously this filter does not come into play and they get the first user from ANY location with that letter as the first in their name.

Can anyone suggest how I can change this behaviour so that it will only populate with names from a particular location.

Can I use the OnValidate or OnAfterValidate on the textbox control perhaps??

Thanks in advance.


Hi Craig,

I think you have to add code to the OnValidate-trigger, that checks if the user inserted have same location as user doing the insert.
If not then error out, and the user will have to change the value, or delete it, to get moving.