FILE Table on UNC crashes Fin every 12 Minutes

Hi there, did anyone use the File-Table in a endless loop and solved ther the same proplem? I am using the filetable in a NAS and also in a Time-triggered Form. i’m scanning every intervall (between 5 sec and 5 min) a specific directroy (inkl sub-dirs, so i switch the filter on the path all the time). it works well for some seconds, and then i get the error “The Netowrk path cannot be found”. The Message refers to the file \Servername\Path*.*. The network server may be down[…]. After the error is comming, i can immediately call the same command, and it works. in comment to the ., i think, navision is using internal the following code for filling the virtual Table 2000000022: shell(strsubst(‘dir %1 > tmpfile.txt’,GETFILTER(Path)) (i know, there is the commandsheduler missung, but’s the short form). i know, this is the result of the autodisconnect from Microsoft. but i can’t disable this feature on this server. i tried as a workaround, to write to the desired directory at first, to grand the opening of the connection. the write (even read and erase) works, but the Filetable disconnect (or crashes in some other reasons) every 12 minutes. The 12 Minutes are not counted from the first call. the first time the error occurs might come after 5 sec, also after 10 minutes. but from the first error, the error occurs every 12 minutes. I tried also to clear and reset the Filetable, make a yield or sleep between the filtering and the find(’-’), also to find(’+’) and so one. befor i start to code the filetable by myself: does someone outthere has a working solution for this? Tnx in advantage How to test the error: Make a form on Table 2000000022 with any fields. Set the Timerproperty to 1000 (or whatever you want to test). place this code in the OnTimer Triger: flip := not flip; if flip then setrange(path,‘c:’) else setrange(path,’\Servername\Path’); CurrForm.UPDATE(false); (declare Flip as Bool). You will see the contens of the 2 directories alternateing. after 12 Minutes (longest time) you will see the errorwindow. Press ENTER or ESC, and it start to run for the next 12 minutes. The server should not have set the “Autodisconnect” regkey to FFFFFF, but only the standard-value as on Setup.