File Name of BLOB field

Hello! I have code to import files to a BLOB field(all files are possible): DocumentExists := Document.HASVALUE; IF Document.IMPORT(’.’,TRUE) = ‘’ THEN EXIT; CALCFIELDS(Document); IF DocumentExists THEN IF NOT CONFIRM(Text001,FALSE) THEN EXIT; CurrForm.SAVERECORD; Now i want to get the path/file name of the imported file to open this file via HYPERLINK (FileName). How can i do this? Thank you! Karin

Hi Karin! You need to assign the return value of Document.IMPORT() to some variable, as this will be the path and file name of the imported file. You can then check if this variable is empty (= no file has been imported), and use it later on for opening the file.

Hello Heinz, im new in this Business, so i don’t know exactly, what you mean. I added DocName := Document.IMPORT(); but then there is a error message that the system cannot find the path. Whats wrong?

Sorry Karin, I had omitted the parameters to the IMPORT function to save a few keystrokes [:I]. I should have written IMPORT(…). Of course, you need to write DocName := Document.IMPORT('*.*', TRUE); IF DocName = '' THEN EXIT; etc. Asche auf mein Haupt [;)]

Thank you very much!! Es funktioniert!! Kleinigkeit eigentlich, Asche auf mein Haupt;-)