File Formats in Method of payment

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Can any pioneer explain the business scenerio of File formats in Method of payment form ? How to use the formats in the real business and how it would helpful to users ?

The file format could be used for BACs so that when the payment proposal is generated it produces a file in the format defined, which is then submitted to the bank electronically and processed electronically.

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Method of Payment is a process where the User makes the system understand how the transaction process takes place using FILE FORMAT, this file format contains all the Negotiable Instruments (Cheque payment, Bank remittance, PDC, Cash) etc which are pre defined in file format.

Under File Format We have Export tab under which we need to drag CHECK and under Remittance Tab based on the localization we pull the needful format.

For using the check payment method we need to create bank account and then create cheque layout and map the file format to the bank account by creating cheques.And while making payment this can be used

Ex:- Payment Journal >> under method of payment >> we need to select cheque payment by defauly we can set bank account as offset account.



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Apart from the suggestion above, i would like to add a line here:

Export format itself says something that can be exported from system. Now when you do some payment, the vendor/customer and bank account are major player. For example, you can pay check, or wire the payment. In either case, you take some output from system. The output is defined using export format.


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Electronic payments help promote a more secure payment method. Paper checks can be lost, stolen, or delivered to the wrong address. When money is electronically paid to the account, it cannot go astray.

• Electronic payments are more efficient and, electronic vendor payment is deposited directly into a bank account. This saves days of processing and delivery time.

This is help from MS Manaul .

If we are doing the Electronic payment , again why i need to generate the check in axapta ?

Could any one explain what is the actual concept of Electornic payment ?

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There are three formats. As you may know or can see, they are:

  • Export Format
  • Return Format
  • Remittance Format

Are there any differences among these?

Our check layout is defined in the Export format. If we want to add a positive pay format, where would we add that? Also, when would the positive pay format be generated? Could the timing be independent from timing for generating the check using Functions > Generate Payments? Could the timing be that for posting the AP Payment Journal? Note: we are using an earlier version of AX 2012 R2. It looks like Microsoft added some new functionality for Positive Pay in AX 2012 R2 CU6.