Field id and Table name

Where can i find field id’s and table name in ax 2009…

I have some field name’s as N/A, so i need to know the table name’s using the field id.

How can i search tat.

Thanks in advance.

Field Id’s are not unique across all the tables. They are table specific.
See SQLDictionary table.

so using field id’s i can’t find the table name ??

Yes, you need to have the table Id.

Yes i’m having table id and field id…
Table id is 65493
field id is 0
wen i search using this id’s in sqldictionary it showing only name as SQLSYNCINFO
how can i locate table name for those id’s

If you have the tableId, you can find table name using tableId2Name

how to do tat?
wr can i find tat??

It is a function, that return table name for a given table id.…/aa498759.aspx

static void tableId2NameExample(Args _arg)
str s;
tableid id;
// Get the ID for table name Address.
id = tableName2Id(“Address”);
print "ID for table name Address is " + int2Str(id);
// Get the name from the table ID.
s = tableId2Name(id);
print "Name for table ID " + int2Str(id) + " is " + s;
// Get the printable name from the table ID.
s = tableId2PName(id);
print "Printable name for table ID " + int2Str(id) + " is " + s;

in this program where i can i use the id to find out the table name…

s = tableId2Name(65493);
in case your table id is 65493

use this in job and u can get table name by


// Get the name from the table ID.
s = tableId2Name(id);

so if i search the tableid 65493 is showing SQLSYNCINFO…
is there any table like tat or wat is tat SQLSYNCINFO means?


its in system documentation - table…/sqlsyncinfo.aspx