Field doesnt appear in Reference group control - reference field


i’ve got a reference control added in grid - everything done according to this, field still doesnt appear as reference field in reference group control ?…/howto-use-reference-group-in-form_19.html

parent table is APTeams, child table APTemplateSteps, i want to see reference for field APTemplateSteps.Responsible which is int64, but i cant see ‘Responsible’ field as reference field in reference group control

When you says it’s a parent and child, you seem to mean merely a relation and not table inheritance.

What’s the data type of Responsible field? RefRecId?

The primary key be the surrogate key instead of TeamIdx, shouldn’t it?

Yes- i mean a relation

Yes data type is refrecid of responsible,

The primary key be the surrogate key instead of TeamIdx, shouldn’t it? - what do you mean by this ?

i dont see surrogate key as an option in primary index property ?

Hmm, then I don’t think it’ll work (although I’m not 100% sure). Also, you should always see a surrogate key on tables created in AX 2012. Wasn’t the table upgraded from an older version of AX?

Yes it was, its from 2009, i dont see surrogate index, but i do need reference field working, what do i do ?

There is a trick - you can change EnforceFKRelation property on import.

Ok i created those 2 tables from scratch in 12, it works fine now, but only if i remove field Fixed relation of ResponsibleType,

The issue now is that if relation does include ResponsibleType = 0 or = 1, referencegroup gets added as int64, not reference, doesnt work i mean.

And i want to have reference group control see names of employees if ResponsibleType = 0, names of teams if ResponsbleType = 1, as in the first post in this topic - in the picture.

Yeah, I wasn’t sure if it’s supported; I’ve never seen that. It seem it isn’t.

But still, try adding a reference group manually and setting its properties.

Yes i see that reference can only have link to 1 field group, that tells it might be un-supported :frowning: will need to investigate is there any other solution to such case??? like show two different fields based on type