Field 'Address book ID' must be filled in....?????????

i m trying to fill vendor master but getting this error…’‘Field ‘Address book ID’ must be filled in.’’

Help me

Thanx in advance :slight_smile:

SOMEONE HELP ME :frowning:

Wow. 36 minutes then you shout demanding help [:D]

You have not populated the address book id number sequence assuming you are creating this manually, if you are migrating it in (as we are in the developer forum) your script is not correctly creating records.


Hope this issue is resolved by now. If not please let us know AX version details and your code.


First we need to create number sequence globally.Then we will not face any issues.Let me know the version you are following so that I can guide you to populate the number sequence globally.

  • Krisheed

You need to setup and fill in the table DirPrivacyGroupTable in the AOT.