Fees for partners

Hi All,

I would like to know the Licence fees applicable to MS implementation partners. Lets say A start-up company wants to be a Microsoft partner for Navision implementation, then how much do they have to pay to microsoft for developer/ partner license and is this annual fee?

Any other fees applicable for this.

I know that generally these costs are country specific, still any insight/ idea on this will be highly appreciated.

Looking forward for your valuable inputs on this.


Raj, just so you know I will not respond to emails from this site with an email, only post in the forums.

I can only talk from the perspective of the UK and how it was a few years ago, the situation may have changed.

Firstly there is no cost or fee to Microsoft to be a NAV reseller. You need to become accredited, so you need people to have the correct certifications, this changes regularly so I will not list these, but this is investment and cost enough. You then apply to Microost with a Business Plan to be accepted as a partner - you need to show experience or a USP, but this may not be the case now. You then get accepted or rejected. If accepted you will get a partner license. You can pay annual fees, $2000, $4000, whatever these may now be, and depending upon your levels you get a number of free support calls, and access to other areas of partnersource like e-learning and manuals, but again you would need to get the latest position from Microsoft.

Or simply purchase BRL-AM license for single user if this is only for yourself,
plus Solution Developer granule
plus additional objects you may require to create your modifications

This will cost starting approx. USD 27,000 … please note, Single User.
then, you can enhance your license with additional user, with USD 2500, per 1 user.
you can have lower price if you buy 11 user at once, then even lower for 26, 51 and so on …