Faxination with Navision

We are using Navision Attain V3.10a and Faxination V4.0 (based on MS Exchange 2000) The faxination printer driver is installed local on the PC We want to fax automatically from Navision, however we can not found out how we have to program it so that Navision is connecting automatically the faxnumber (from the relation card) to the faxmessage I hope you can help me Thanks in advance

We have made a lot of installation between MBS-LaserNet-Faxination. For details about LaserNet Overlay, see under the solutions section (add-ons offered) on top of this site.

Fields to trigger the fax needs to be in the header of the report. If you put fields Scanstring[1], Scanstring[2], Scanstring[3] in the header, these can be assigned as (example): Scanstring[1] := ‘@Fax=’ + FaxNo + ‘/@’; Scanstring[2] := ‘@Cover=nocover/@’; IF Faxpriority <> 0 THEN Scanstring[3] := ‘@Priority=’+FORMAT(Faxpriority) + ‘/@’; The faxination manuel has a section with the codes that can be used. Several additional options exists. Rgds, Michael

Hi Big Man, If I’m not mistaking you are a customer of Watermark (formerly known as Foqus ICT), aren’t you? I was in the same class with some of you during the Reports & Forms training at ProFuse’s office. Why don’t you use the Watermark Fax add on? It probably gives you all the functionality you kneed. Only disadvantage: it costs money [:D] And I like to know your experience with Faxination, because I’ve planned to buy such a solution in the coming months. I would appreciate it to hear from you: michiel.hageman@pmkomponenten.nl