Fax out of Axapta

Hi all, we are looking for a fax-solution connect to axapta 3.0. [?] This means we want, for example, send a report directly to a customer without entering the fax-number again in the fax-software. If possible we dont want to modify each report which should be send. [^] Does somebody knows such a solution ??

hi mark, Happy new year I dont know abt the solution, but i am thinking in this way, as when we load any fax software in our system(Pc) we get it listed in the Printers windows when printing the documents in Ms Word etc. i think with using the tapi or u can pass the fax number to the fax software if it provides an API u can talk to the fax venodrs. this are purely my views without any experience on such things. Please do tell me if u managed it very well. Thanks & best regards vaibhav pednekar

Maybe Fenestrae’s Faxination is something for you (www.fenestrae.com)?

Hi Mark, Our company is using Rightfax from Captaris. This is a rather useful tools when used with Axapta. You can print out your Axapta reports to the Rightfax printer directly without the need to generate hardcopies. In additions, you can config the Rightfax’s fax number to match with the customer code in Axapta. That means if you print a report for a customer, Rightfax knows what number to dial. This can be done by setting up a small Axapta table holding the customer’s fax number in control strings. A little customization in Axapta is required but is not difficult. I can’t write all the details here but you can contact Rightfax with this link: http://www.captaris.com/rightfax/ BTW, we are using Axapta 2.5 but I believe there is no big difference to 3.0 Hope this helps.

We have made several integrations to Rightfax. In your case this means, that LaserNet captures the output from the ERP-system, and transforms it into professional electronic documents 100% automatic. This means that you from Axapta or in LaserNet set rules for which customer or reports etc. you wish to send via hardcopy, fax, e-mail, (pdf), XML etc. You can read more about this here http://www.efstech.dk/home/products_uk.aspx

We are using Active Fax (www.actfax.com). There are a few perfect features in ths solution: 1. Ist cheap 2. It has the possibility to recoqnise certain fonts, faxnumbers and other info written in this font (perhabs hidden by using color White) are recoqnized by the fax solution and faxes are sent right away, without user intervention (This is per client configurable) 3. It fast 4. It supports incoming faxes per user (if your ISDN line supports it) 5. Ist network friendly (Clients and Server) in sharing adresbooks, users, printers, protocols, etc. 5. etc., etc.