Fast Moving & Slow Moving of Items

Hi, Can anyone tell me if there is any such report in navision where by we can print the fast moving and slow moving of items in the report Regards Khan\

Hi Wajahatullah The Inventory Top 10 report can show the largest and smallest “x” of either Sales (LCY) or inventory, but this is not really a definition of fast or slow moving so I suppose the answer is no.

Are you trying to show inventory turns? Example: Rolling 12 Month Cost of Sales = $16,000,000. Current Inventory = $4,000,000 $16,000,000 / $4,000,000 = 4 Turns That should be easy to add to the top 10 report as an option. -john

Is There Any Standard Report in Nav 2009 R2 For Fast moving And Slow Moving items.

You can set up Analysis Reports for this. In Cronus you can go to Financial Management-Inventory-Analysis & Reporting-Analysis Report. There you will find examples showing turnover for items.