Fall Cleaning in the Forums 2013

Dear members,

Each month we have over 200,000 visits to the site, and over 100,000 unique visitors. But as you also know, then we don’t receive that many new posts every month. Most visitors simply come here to read the answers to some of the many questions and answers which is already here. So every question and answer doesn’t only help the person who ask the question, but also many many other users.

Often they are able to find the question that they have, but the question has either not been answered, or if the question has received answers, then nobody has marked the answer which is the correct answer. So they might receive a number of answers (suggestions), but they will not know which one actually helped. So often then they will try to find the answer in a different place.

We (the forum moderators and me) are therefor currently in the process of doing “Fall Cleaning” of the forums. That means that we are going to go over these “unresolved” posts. Posts which have answers, which the moderators are certain are correct, they are going to use the “Verify Solution”. If they are uncertain then they might “Suggest” the answer they think is right. This and posts verified by the moderators will issue an email to the user who posted the question to please verify the correct answer or to check that the verified answer is correctly verified. Or they might be posting either a follow-up question or suggest a way to solve the problem.

I will also ask you, all our members, to help us in this process. Even if you’re not a moderator, then you’re still able to help us close the old questions. If a question has no answers, or no obvious correct answers, then please post follow-up questions. You know the question used to get that additional information needed to be able to give the correct answer. Often questions are not being answered because important information is missing in the question, or because the question simply is unclear. You can also suggest the correct answer, but only moderators are able to verify on behalf of the person who asked the question.

Thank you all.

Have a great day.

Will start doing this task whenever I find Time.


Got it, will help as time permits.

Hi Erik,

I have also started for Indian forum…