FactBox & Flow-field Filters

Hi Folks,

I am facing some problems with factbox. I want to add a new field of field class ”FlowField” to a factbox for instance say it is “fieldABC”. The data in the field is required from 3 different tables.

First table is the source table of the factbox. Say Table 1. has “fieldABC” in it.

Second table is G/L Entry table

Third Table is G/L Account table.


First the data is filtered for the particular field of table1. The filtered data will be used by G/L Entry Filter which will give us particular accounts against that fieldABC. normal routine of using flowfields of factbox.

NOW I WANT TO APPLY another filter on it. Which will filter data from G/L Account table field.

Is it possible to do it ??

ANY Suggestion will highly be appreciated.