Facing error while firming the manually created Planned Production Order

Hi all,

I have manually created Planned Production Order & then tried to firm the same.

Then I am getting the error as “The planned production order must be scheduled before it can be firmed.”

Can anybody advise on the same.


Nitin Patel

Why are you creating a planned production order? If you needed a planned production order the system would suggest it, if you need a production order raise one. Get a developer to debug, but in my opinion, even though you can, you should not manually create planned orders.

Hi Adam,

Ya you r right,but the clients wants the functionality,as it’s available in standard AX 2012.

I was trying to search if any specific setup for the same to schedule before firming.


Nitin Patel

Very strange to be asked to Schedule before we Firm! Although I do want to release the Order into Scheduled status.

I am getting this error. I can google no other reference to it but this one. Any help please?

If you are releasing it into scheduled status as per the parameter it will schedule as part of the firming process, so the error message makes no sense. This is why I advised the original poster to get a developer to debug it, I believe the error message is incorrect and the issue is caused elsewhere, but debugging will hopefully tell you.

May I know which version of AX you are on? because I tried creating a planned production order and i’m able to firm it with no problem.

Faced similar issue recently and here are few things to check:

  • Item has an active BOM version (quite obvious but still…);

  • Item is assigned to the proper route, and there are resource requirements that can be used;

  • Check if the Route is assigned to your planned order;

If something is wrong with the last part, check this link: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/axmfg/archive/2013/01/24/production-order-could-not-be-scheduled-not-enough-capacity-could-be-found-how-to-get-to-the-bottom-of-this.aspx


I have encountered this before and it was related to a capacity issue.

If you received a message when you ran Master Planning that stated ," Production Order could not be scheduled. Not enough capacity could be found" then you try to firm the order you will receive the error, " The planned production order must be scheduled before it can be firmed."

To solve this you will need to reduce the planned production order quantity or split the planned production order.