F5 List Function

Hi, Hopefully this is a very simple question - I have created a new table with a card style form and a list style form and all I want to do is to be able to press F5 on the card form to bring up the list form for the user to pick another record from the list - same as what happens for customers, vendors, items etc. I’ve set the lookupform and drilldownform properties of the table object but don’t know what else I need to set or whether I need to add code (don’t think so). Any help appreciated, Jonathan

Look at the Item Button on the Item Card. The List menu line is what brings up the list. You can assign the F5 there.

Just define “LookupTable” as your Action and F5 as ShortCutKey in the MenuItem of a MenuButton. But you also need to define the “LookupFormID” in the properties of the table.