F. Use a single processor computer.

Hello. The native Navision’s 3.60 service operates on dedicated HP server with two physical CPU Intel Xeons with Hyper Threading Technology. Is that bad (thinking about performance only)? Whould be 1 CPU better then 2? And maybe even 1 cpu without HT is better for Navision server? TIA Valius

Hi, Navision ‘native’ Server doesn’t use hyperthreading nor takes advantage of multiple processors. It is a waste of money. Use a single processor machine with 1GB of memory and spend your money on SCSI disks (15K RPM) - as many as possible, so that you can spread the I/Os accross the disks. Hynek

Thanks, Hynek. Server already have 2 CPU’s with HT (so, money - last question in the queue). Your advise: sell at least one :slight_smile: ? But if I’am monitoring W2K Performance - it seems for me that all 4 CPUs work… ??? And another case: if server “doesn’t use hyperthreading” but I lunch client (fin.exe) for night job - will it use? Best regards Valius

Allow Windows to use processor cache fully. I don’t understand that too:( There is dedicated Server with 2GB RAM. Navision (3.60) uses 870MB for Cash. That’s all. But- back to my issues with CPUs. Anybody can’t see real profit from using HyperThreading on server?Really? Then may be u saw negative impact of it ? How to measure that ? I hope - maybe somebody knows by experiance impact of counter’s “Switching Context” values over average? TIA V.