Extrange problem with card pages in Click Once installation

Hi everyone, and happy new year,

I’vew just found an extrange issue with a NAV2018 clickOnce installation into a customer’s laptop. Just in that laptop.

As you can see, the list is shown reduced, even having a big blank space at the bottom of the page. As I’ve said before, it’s a clickOnce installation, and just on that laptop, so I think that is something about the laptop configuration, but don’t know what… Any idea?

Thank you very much!

Hi AitorNAV

This is not purely related to a ClickOnce Installation. I see this daily on all types of installations, and it exists on all pages of the type Document

The problem is the Subform/page (Lines), and there are currently no easy fix for this.

Hi Palle, thanks for your answer.

The extrange issue is that the problem is jsut on that laptop, in any other PC works correctly, even with the same user…

MS don’t want you to use the Windows client, so don’t expect a fix for this.

Yes I know it is a strange issue. In older versions before NAV 2013 you had the option of setting the Width and Height of a subform (on the subform) but that is not possible any longer.

I some occasions you certain clients you have the option of closing all fasttabs exept the subform - and the you can expand it. Afterwards that Height is keept for that user as a part of the “Delete User Personalisation Page”.

if you consider it as a bug, then report it on Yammer, if you consider it as an idea then report it on the bcideas webpage.


Well, I’ve solved the issue with the page personalziation. I erased the lines, included later again, and problem solved…