External item id in sales order


Our company is converting over to AX 2009, and we are running into a problem using external item IDs. All of the items we produce and sell have our own company number. Our customers who buy those items have their own item numbers that they use to reference our items, and they use their same numbers to place orders with us.

Is there a way I can create a sales order line for a customer and use the external item id as my look-up? Right now, it is set up where I have to know our item number, select it, and then verify on the general tab of the sales line that the correct external item ID is pulled through.


External items are stored in ‘CustVendExternalItem’ table.

One option is you can override the look up method on SalesLine > Item field so you see only that customer’s items. This is a customization and you would need a developer to implement this.

Thank you. This will help!

Don’t replace the Item with the External Id - it will become a problem - because the relationships and functionality will be build on that ItemId.

What you can do is you can add this External Item Id to the Item lookup without removing the original itemId.

Or you can add one more field to the sales line like External Item Id - based on the selected External itemId you can insert the value into the ItemId - which will be done internally.


This sounds like a viable solution. How exactly would I add the external item IDs to the item look up? Is that more of a developer’s process?

I am facing the same problem with one of our client. Any developer please suggest me how can we add this lookup itemid with external itemid


What if u import your customer ext id’s as search name in item master, it will surely help in look up.



We actually thought of using the search name field, but we run into the problem with having more than one customer use different external item IDs. Using the search field limits us to just one.

Thanks for the suggestion though!