External Item Description - Item Groupwise


I am creating External Item description. I want to create it for a particular customer group instead of creating it for customer by customer.!

There is a look up of ‘Group’ in account code selection but item code can not be attached on that level and I have to do it for all customers.

So can any one help me how to attach external item codes to customer group.?


Jainal Shah

You need to customize it, the group is for a group of items, not a group of customers. Very rare that a group of customers all call your item number the same thing and you strangely call it something different.

You can set a Group of items and then attach this group into the customer so that a range of grouped items are assigned to a customer in the group, but you cannot group customers and then assign items.

Group your Customers using the “Item - Customer group”. Then specify each External Item number for each of your Item numbers for that group in External Item Description.

Thanks Michelle,

It works.