Extensive customization and Navision 4.0

We are considering some extensive customization with our 3.01 non SQL Navision (new reports, dataports, code units, modified forms) At the very same time there is a need to upgrade to more stable version which we hope Navision 4.0 will be (after few months it scheduled to release [:)]) So question is - is it really worth to go through customization and then migrate to navision 4.0? Should we just wait and then move on with our custom projects? Thanks.

It will take some time for upgrade toolkit to come out after the release of 4.0 . May be by the end of this year. If your projects are big and can wait for 5-6 months then I guess it will be worth.

If you are looking for a “more stable version”, I would be inclined to go for 3.70 (3.01 “ironed out”) instead of being an early adopter of 4.00… and maybe go for a later version of 4.XX at a later date…