Extension Object does it consume Purchased Objects?

Hi all…

I want to ask something…

  1. if we create table extension, will it consume table?

  2. if we buy business essential, are we still got like starter pack?

(table 10, pages 100, etc)


Which type of license do you refer to? Dynamics NAV or Business Central?


  1. If you create a table extension object, then it will consume a table extension object. Not a table object.

  2. Nothing changed as of yet.

If Business Central/SAAS: All objects in 50000-99999 range are free.

Hi Eric ,

Thanks for the reply.

I was talking about Business Central On premise

I am doing some table & page extension using object 50000…99999.

so is it consider as free?


Hi Stan.

if you develop something for Business Central (by V2), you need to check 2 points:

  • range in your licence file (e.g. standard range for V2 objects is 50100-50149)

  • special range for development (released by MS)

What do you want to do?

No. Just like with NAV, then objects are NOT FREE on Business Central on-premise.

Only Business Central SAAS. That’s one of the main differences between BC on-premise/cloud.

Just like in the “old” days, then you need to have the objects assigned to your license.

I want to move my development in C/AL to AL

some I have added new fields in NAV Standard table (which is free)

in that case, extension will be more costly

If made for a single customer yes. I

But you also have the option to create it within your partner ISV object no. range (if you have one) or create it as an AppSource extension.

It’s one one of the things I had hoped Microsoft would have changed, when they created the Business Central on-premise licensing rules. They changed the CAL’s from being concurrent to named-users, to align with BC. But if you have an on-premise license, then you still have to pay for the objects.

Only exception is, if you have a BC cloud subscription (via a CSP), then you have the option of running it both on-premise and in the cloud, where you would not have to pay for the objects.

I was just about to comment on the question with this link:


So as I read it… If you are cloud-based then the objects are free. If Onpremise you have to pay.

I am also very dissapointed that Microsoft is Changing from Concurrent users to Named users

Hi Erik.

Yes, it is correct.

All information you can receive from licence (e.g. I have 1 licence for US and it has range near ‘70000000’ - ‘74999999’) only. If someone wants to release Extension they need to contact local MS to receive “last update” for it (I don’t remember ranges exactly, but we have 3 sub-range now - “customer 50000-99999”, then ISV range and range for Extension).