Extended text on purchase orders

Anyone had problems with Extended Text in 3.70? We have items with extended text and the text prints on sales orders but not on purchase orders??? Automatic Ext. text is checked on the Item card and the purchase order box is checked on the purchases tab of the extended text header.

Do you see the extended text line(s) in the PO? I’m not on 3.7 but I know we have our extended text lines trigger on release of the order. Did you check all the boxes on the Purchases header just to see if it made a difference? One other thought is that for us and probably many, the standard Navsion PO just didn’t tickle our fancy so we modified it. Has your’s been modified?

Hi H R, thanks for the response. I do not see the extended text line(s) on the PO, they do however show on the sales order. Our PO report has been modified, only cosmetic changes, nothing that should affect the functionality.

Hi Steve If you have been given a modified report with a new number - try the old report - if the comments do not appear, it was more than cosmetic [:D]

It has nothing to do with the report. There’s no reference whatsoever to extended texts in the report, it simply prints the purchase order lines. In other words; if the extended text(s) hasn’t been inserted either automatically or via the function “Insert Ext. Texts” they won’t print. My best guess is that your setup is incorrect. Have you tried to use an item on a P.O. that you know works on a Sales Order. It could also be either a Language Code or Date issue.

Are you able to insert the text manually (with the function) or is it both manually and automatically that doesn’t work? If manually is possible, it must be a set up problem. We have several customers working with purchase orders and extended texts in 3.70 and everything works fine without modifications. Did you implement all servicepacks and hotfixes?

Thanks for the help guys. I reverted back to the original PO and the extended text works as intended. I guess my changes were indeed more than cosmetic.