Exporting objects

I am currently working on a project to upgrade some add ons built on NAV 2009 to NAV 2013.For that I need to export all the customized objects before I begin the up gradation task.How can I export all the customized objects or standard objects in a single .fob file?please help.

Hi Saheli,

The most common method for exporting all objects to a single fob file using NAV 2009 goes something like this … (all of the steps here are dependent on your credentials as a NAV user and upon the rights that your company has re: your NAV license. You may be able to export some objects and not others. What follows is just a general description and does not take license limitations into consideration.)

  1. Open the database and then open Object Designer.

  2. Click the All button at the bottom of the list of Object Types in the Object Designer window.

  3. Press Ctrl-A or click Edit | Select All from the menu bar. This will select all of the objects in the database.

4.Click File | Export from the menu bar, then navigate to the file folder where you’d like the exported fob to be placed. I usually like a naming convention like “YYYYMMDD-HHMM AllObj [Database Name].fob”, but it’s entirely up to you. Try to use a drive location that has enough space and won’t put any traffic on the network backbone. You’ll need around 500MB for drive space, but that’s just a generalization. Once you’ve navigated to the right folder and you’ve entered the file name, be sure to select the Save As Type to be Dynamics NAV Object Format (as opposed to Text).

  1. Click Save in the bottom-right corner of the Export Objects window, then watch the status bar as the export progresses.

  2. Open Windows Explore and navigate to your export folder. Confirm that your export file exists, and that it is about the size you expected. You can even open the fib file with Notepad or some other text editor just to confirm that it can be read completely. If you do open the file like this, be absolutely certain not to save anything back to the original file.

  3. If you were able to locate the exported fob file, and it looks OK, then close the Object Designer and close your NAV session.

So, that’s pretty much the basic process for exporting objects to a single fob file. There are a lot of possible variations, including exporting the same objects to a text file rather than to a binary file (this requires license changes in some cases), splitting a single mlti-object text output file into individual object files, eliminating problem objects from the list before you export, resolving compile errors, using C/AL code to create a function to export the objects, and to export each object to a single file. You’ll probably want to get information on all of these variations as well if this request is part of your 2013 upgrade project.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Hi Saheli,

Open Navision → Click on Tools–Object Designer–> Click on All (Which will select all objects)

Then Click on File–> Export–> Give the file name

It will export all objects in one file

For customized objects If you have specified name in version list then mark all those objects and export it

Thanks for your reply George.The steps that you have specified is basically for exporting all the objects including standard as well as customized objects.But I need to export only the customized ones and I have just done it by selecting only those customized objects(e.g I have exported some customized table objects) and then I have exported them in a single file.But this procedure is just for exporting only any particular object like report or table but I want to export all types of customized objects at a time and then save them in a single file.Will you please help me with this?

Thanks for your reply Amol.Will you please tell me how can I mark the all types customized objects with their version names?For example I have some tables and some xmlports having 'Saheli ’ as the name in the version list .How can I mark all the tables and xmlports having version list name ‘Saheli’ and then export them into a single file?

Go to Object Designer

Click on All

Set filter on version list

Press CTRL +A

Press CTRL+F1

This will mark the objects.

Then export it.

Thanks for your reply Amol.How can I filter on version list?

Ok.I got it now.Thanks a lot for the answer.It worked.[:D]