Exporting object in text format

We want to do a test to upgrade our Navision Financials 2.60B db to Microsoft Navision 3.70A. However, when we try to export all our objects in a text format, the Item table (27) gives us problems. We can export all the objects except for the item table in a text format. When we try to export the item table in a text format, we get the following error message, “Internal error 4 in module 42”. If we have no problem export it in an FOB file. Does anybody know the reason why we get this error? Or what should we do? Thanks!

Internal module 42 is format. So i guess it has something to do with a field inside a table. try exporting it with fob and then importing it into another DB with another version and retry to export it.

Or something much better: I would try to make a backup of your database withhout any data. Just the Application Objects, import it into 3.70. And then retry. If it doesent help, i would make a backup and store it in another 2.60 DB and then convert that DB to 3.70 and retry. Athough i doubt that those steps help, but worth a try. [xx(]

Thanks we’ll try it. [8D]