Exporting Existing Customers to Excel with all data

I am very new here. I am using Business Central, version 21 2022 Wave 2. I have created 4 customers in BC. I want to export all the information I put in for them so I can know each code ie. what is the Code for Domestic Gen Business Posting.
I have 100k customers so I need to import them.

Am I in the right spot?

I am using the Configuration Package but the Field for State does not exist.
What am I missing?

Not sure what you mean. But the field state isn’t a field in the customer table.
So Rapid start cannot export/import that field (unless it is customization).

The field that displays as “State” is stored in the field “County” in the table. BC needs to support international addresses. Therefore the data is stored in a generic format. How the address displays depends on Address Format selections.

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Thanks. That makes perfect sense to store the State field in the County field name. Where do I put the County information?

Bert, can you think of a reason someone would want to import the State on a Customer Address form?
I poking fun at Microsoft; not you. Sometimes I think these programmers have never tried to do anything in the real world.

Seriously thoug, I don’t care what they call the field along as it populates the State field in the customer card.

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Keep in mind the NAV\BC is not a US designed product. It is initially designed for the EU market. Where addresses do not look like US addresses. Thus the core table structure is designed to initially support the EU requirements. The product is later localized to support the needs of the US and other markets.

Another example is there’s no field called “Zip Code”. Rather it is called “Postal Code”. Following the EU rather than the US naming convention.

There are some fields in customer table which have a relationship with other tables like the country/region field have relation with country/region table. So when you export customer you have to export these tables as well by using config packages