Export to excel

Hello all,

I have a some problem. I hope you that help me .

I have to export to excel a report in NAV 2009 R2. The problem is How can I merge columns?



Merry M

You can use Mergecell /Mergearea

Hi experts,

I have not define a MakeExcelDataBody() but Export to Excel results data in a Excel Buffer table

I have just define a CreateExcelBook(). What happened it?

How should I solve it?

Hello experts

I have some problem again. I didn`t define a MakeExcelDataBody() finction but export excel results data in Excel buffer table. So when I define a MakeExcelDataBody() function, error getting about " The excel buffer already exists Identification fields and values: Row No.=1, Column No.=1". I have hust defined a CreateExcelBook()

How should solve it?


Thanks for reply


Merry M

You need to delete the record from ExcelBuffer before


thank you very much

it is working fine