Export to excel using dot net vaiable

anyone please tell me how to use export to excel using dot net variables in nav 2016


Did you checked this


i am not ale to understand it any other help ??


It’s the best one, many people have found that one helpful. At least try doing once.

i have to use this in nav 2016 where to start i am not getting that

How then if you start by saying exactly what your assignment/problem is? Why do you even care about the dot net controls? Unless you have some very special requirements, then the best practice is to use the Excel Buffer functionality

sir i have used excel buffer but for the knowledge purpose i wanted to use with dot net variable…i didnt understand in that link

Have you used Dotnet Variables prior to this??

If not then my friend then i will request you to have a look on this first so that you start getting into it. Afterwards try to to do Brainstorming on this.

sir,i have done excel buffer and automation prior to this now i am trying to get dot net so that i have all the methods of export to excel so i just need a guideline that which .net variable should be used and where it is called to get export to excel done .I have tried to get it on many links but no where i got a clear description…the above link is not understadable to me

The Excel Buffer functionality is already using the Dot Net Variables.
So use that as your guide lines to show you which to use, if you absolutely need to create the same functionality that already exists with Excel Buffers.