Export of electronic payment journals

Hi All,

I am getting the error that export format must not be zero in bank account no = while exporting the electronic payment in payment journals

how to remove that error please suggest me

Electronic payment journals require that the back account no is used. Otherwise no electronic payments can be done.

So to remove the error, then I suggest that you make sure that the account no. is filled out.

PS: And please use a little more detailed subject (not a one word subject like Export, Posting etc). This is the 4th time I had to change your subject to something more helpful.

Okay thank you ,

Could you please tell me the process of export electronic payment in payment journal and how to implement the consolidation of export electronic payment

Is electronic payment journals are exported into any file or not ?? If yes, then please tell me how export process is working and where I have to specify that file

As I have specified E-Pay export file path but when I export electronic payments it didn’t export into that file
please suggest me to achieve this